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Specials this Month on WestMed Products

Special this month on WestMed Cannula

Westmed Biflo Nasal Masks - A simple and comfortable device designed as an alternative for oxygen therapy patients who cannot or will not tolerate a cannula or for those who have recurring necrosis

Westmed Inc Super Soft Nasal Cannulas 0556 Cannula, Nasal, 7' Tubing -Case of 50 - Westmed Comfort Soft Plus™ Nasal Cannula with 7 ft. Tubing Adult, Standard, Elastomeric Polymer, Curved Flared, DEHP- and Latex-Free.  The unique elastomeric properties of Westmed’s over-the-ear Comfort Soft Plus™ tubing minimizes friction and shear forces on the skin at all contact points and acts as a “strain relief” when a patient turns their head.  No longer will hard “PVC” abrade the skin and cause damage.  Comfort Soft Plus™ eliminates hospital-acquired pressure ulceration associated with "PVC" cannulas from industry competitors.