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Baseline Scale - Weight, Body Fat and Hydration (tempered glass)

Baseline Scale - Weight, Body Fat and Hydration (tempered glass)

$ 28.86

Baseline body fat, hydration, and weight scale. Measures Body Fat % / Water % by BIA Principle. Body fat and water % differential resolution: 0.1% 8 person memory. Body fat measuring range: 4.0-45.0% . Body water measuring range: 37.8-66.0% . Maximum weight capacity: 150KG / 330LB . Unit incriments: 100 GRAM / 0.2LB . Minimum effective measurement: 2.0KG / 4.4LB . User modes for adult and child (AGE 10-100 ). POWER: 1x9V alkaline battery (NOT INCLUDED). Measures 31.7cm x 31.2cm x 4.8cm 8MM design of tempered glass platform Comes in attractive retail package. WARNING Do not operate this in combination with the following types of medical devies. It may cause injury to the user and / or damage to the device. A pacemaker or any electronic device that is implanted in the body. An artifical heart or lung or any other electronic life support system. An electrocardiograph or other portable electronic medical device. Not recommented to be used by pregnant women.

  • Baseline body fat scale is made with tempered glass scale measures weight, body fat and water
  • Latex Free
  • Item length is 14 inches

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