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Arglaes Wound Dressing Powder (Case of 20)

Arglaes Wound Dressing Powder (Case of 20)

$ 308.41

Arglaes Powder can offer bioburden reduction and fluid management in an easy-to-apply powder format, making it ideal for deep, tunneling and highly exudating wounds. It is easily combined with other dressings to create a system for bioburden control and optimal moist healing environment. The powder sends antimicrobial silver ions into the wound regularly over a period of five days, while the alginate base mixes with wound exudate to form a soft, conforming gel. Bottle has resealable screw cap. Arglaes Powder Delivers Controlled-Release Antimicrobial Silver to Any Size, Shape, or Depth of Wound 4 box / Case; 20 Each / Case;

  • This Listing Is For Arglaes Wound Dressing Powder
  • Qty : 20 Per case
  • Size name: 5gm
  • Ideal for wounds that are difficult to dress; Manages bacterial burden1; Continuous antimicrobial protection1; Extended wear time1; Non- staining

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